Monday, 23 January 2012

Start and Stop an Oracle Real Application Cluster Database

In this article, we will see how to start and stop an Oracle Real Application Cluster Database.

Stopping an Oracle RAC database

1.Check the list of applications running before stopping the RAC by using below command on any one node.
crs_stat -t

Note:every resource inside Oracle Clusterware is registered as type 'application' in 10g and 11g R1

2.Stop each instance on all nodes(servers)

srvctl stop instance -d db_name -i instance_name -o options_to_shutdown

3.Stop asm on all nodes(servers)

srvctl stop asm -n node_name -i asm_instance_name -o options_to_shutdown_asm

4.stop nodeapps on all nodes

srvctl stop nodeapps -n node_name

Note:You can stop the listener using srvctl on all nodes as below.

Check the listener that are running on the server as below
ps -ef|grep tns

then stop the listener on each node using below command

srvctl stop listener -n node_name -l lister_name

Starting an Oracle RAC database

To start the Oracle RAC database follow the above steps in reverse order.

Start/Stop All Instances with SRVCTL using below command.

$ srvctl start database -d db_name

$ srvctl stop database -d db_name

Note: These all commands can be executed from any one node. You need not to login on each node to execute these commands as long your SRVCTL is working fine

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